HPMP By-laws

Helena Public Montessori Parents (HPMP), Inc. Bylaws

1) Statement of Purpose

a)To promote a better understanding of the child through collaboration among parents, educators, and other interested persons.

b)To develop support for Montessori classrooms in Helena public schools.

c)To outline the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and other HPMP members.

d)To facilitate the education of teachers for Montessori instruction in Helena public schools.

2) Membership

a)Membership shall be open to any and all individuals interested in the purpose of the Helena Montessori education program.

b)Active members shall consist of any member who currently attends meetings or participates actively.

c)Active members may serve on committees and members of the Board.

d)Voting members shall consist of active members of HPMP, Inc.

3) Board of Directors

a)The newly‐elected Board, consisting of at least four members, shall meet with the out‐going Board in June after the general May meeting elections to determine the duties and responsibilities of each Board member during their tenure and to transition from the out‐going Board to the newly‐elected Board.


a)Persons who support the program and/or parents of students enrolled in the program, provided they are active members, shall be eligible to hold a position on the Board.
b)The Board of HPMP will present a slate of candidates for the Board at the May general meeting. Nominations will be accepted from the floor.
c)Best efforts will be made to nominate Board members who represent all schools having a Montessori program.


a)Election of the Board members will take place through a vote of eligible voting members at the May general meeting.
b)A simple majority of members present is required to elect.
c)Notices of the elections will be published in the newsletter, posted on bulletin boards, the HPMP web site, or otherwise communicated to the members of HPMP.

d)Term of Office

a)Each Board member shall serve a twelve‐month term of office.
b)The term of office shall begin June 1 and end May 31 of each year.

e)Replacement and/or vacancies

a)Any Board member absent from more than two consecutive meetings, without excuse, may be replaced by appointment of a person chosen by the Board at the next regular meeting for the unexpired term of his/her predecessor.
b)The above matter will be dealt with at the discretion of the Board.
c)A petition bearing the signatures of more than two‐thirds (2/3) of the members shall be the instrument for removal of any member of the Board.

4) Meetings

a)The Board meetings will be held at such time and place, as Board members deem necessary. Board meetings may be open to all active members of HPMP, and others, unless a matter before the Board involves individual privacy that outweighs the public’s interest in an open meeting.

b)General meetings of the membership may be called throughout the year as deemed necessary by the Board.

c)Notices of the Board meetings and the general meetings will be published in the newsletter, posted on bulletin boards, the HPMP website, or otherwise communicated to the members of HPMP.

5) Committees

a)The Board shall have the power to establish committees and sub‐committees, as it deems necessary.

6) Duties

a)Following elections, the Board will meet in June to determine the duties and responsibilities of each Board member. These duties shall include, but not be limited to:

a)Preparing the agenda for Board meetings;
b)Facilitating meetings;
c)Serving on any committees;
d)Coordinating the efforts of any committees;
e)Reviewing the financial records of HPMP;
f)Informing HPMP members of the Board and general meetings prior to the meetings;
g)Recording the minutes of all regular and special meetings thus creating a permanent record;
h)Attending to any correspondence;
i)Writing and distributing newsletters;
j)Managing the funds of the organization;
k)Recording all receipts and disbursements which shall serve as permanent record;
l)Preparing any necessary documentation required by law to maintain the nonprofit status of HPMP, Inc.

7) Advisory Capacity

a)HPMP and its Board members serve in an advisory capacity to the schools and their administrators.

b)All personnel decision‐making authority rests with the appropriate school officials.

c)HPMP and its Board members do not assume liability for recommendations concerning personnel issues or matters of program policy on which HPMP’s input is sought.

8) Process to Amend Bylaws

a)These bylaws may be amended at any general meeting by a majority vote, provided such amendment shall have been sent home in writing at least one week prior to the general meeting.

Bylaws updated and accepted April 12, 2010. Section 3) b) c) modified at September 10, 2012 general mtg.